How to use Free YouTube Download

Step 1. Download Free YouTube Download

This is a clearly free program. There is no spyware or adware. It's absolutely safe to install and to run! You can watch a video guide or read a step-by-step guide below.

Step 2. Launch Free YouTube Download

Free YouTube Download: launch the program Follow Start > All Programs > DVDVideoSoft > Programs > Free YouTube Download or click the DVDVideoSoft Free Studio icon on the desktop.
The interface is self-explaining. There is a field for YouTube links, a field for output settings and the Download button.

Step 3. Add YouTube Links

Free YouTube Download: add YouTube links
Copy as many YouTube links from your Internet browser as you wish and paste them into the program. The program will detect all videos at this link, single YouTube videos as well as whole collections like the following ones:
- complete playlists and show lists;
- users' channels;
- all videos from personal playlists (History, Liked, Favourites, Watch later, etc.);
- artist's playlists;
- videos from Movies Category;
- videos from Music Category;
- videos from YouTube charts;
- video responses.

Step 4. Select Output Format

Free YouTube Download: select output format Choose one of the available Presets: save your videos in original YouTube format or convert them to AVI or MP4 format. Select available pre-configured settings for each format.
For advanced users: read this guide for information on how to customize a preset or create a new one.
(To enable Preset Editor go to Options => Tab General)

Step 5. Download Video

Free YouTube Download: download video Click the Download button and wait just a few seconds or several minutes max (depending on your internet connection speed).

Step 6. Find Your Video

Free YouTube Download: find your video Check your videos by clicking the folder which appeared after the download is complete.

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